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London 2
Allister Bowtell sculpture.
Candid shot of ladies at the Box restaurant, Seven Dials.
Justice atop the Old Bailey.
Stanfield House, Hampstead.
Ladies who lunch at La Creperie, Hampstead.
Covent Garden.
The Window Cleaner.
Michelangelo's David revisited.
A.L.Barye's 'The walking tiger' at the V&A.
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The Cenotaph.
Centre Point
St. Giles-in-the-fields
St. Giles Circus
All Saints Margaret Street, our London spiritual home.
Umbrella store on New Oxford Street.
Ladies hat shop in Margaret Street.
The Freud Museum on Maresfield Gardens, Hampstead.
Statue of Freud on the Tavistock Centre grounds.